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When the Fog Rolls Down the Valley

In August 2016 we had our family reunion in Glacier, Washington near Mt. Baker. “When the Fog Rolls Down the Valley” was painted from a photograph taken the morning we visited Artists’ Point which marks the end of the road to the top of the mountain. The fog shrouded the mountain creating a mysterious atmosphere and the contrast between the warm and cool give the scene added interest. The early morning sunlight penetrating the fog gives the sky a glow and brightens the rocks in the foreground
When the Fog Rolls Down the Valley 18 x 24″ Oil on Linen

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Stepping into the Light

Stepping into the Light    18 x 24″  Oil on Linen
I began this painting to commemorate an evening when my husband and I walked along the service road next to a railroad track a mile or so from our house. We went there to photograph the shadows created by the late day winter sun. I was struck by the contrast between golden sunlight and the coolness of the shadows. When I began painting the figure represented my husband, but later as I became more immersed in the scene, it morphed into me. The colors of “Stepping into the Light” are deep and vibrant and resonate with all 7 chakras.

Stepping into the
Stepping into the Light

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The best part of painting portraits is the connection I feel with my subjects. I become a channel receiving and recording the light emanating from the model. Jeanne has a beautiful spirit. I hope the painting has captured for the viewer her loving and peaceful essence. Namaste.




The last two photos are of the final version of Jeanne’s portrait.
In the final version I softened some edges, warmed the highlights on the nose, changed the mouth, added more curls to the hair, deepened the shadow at the hairline, moved the signature, etc. etc.

A poem is never finished, only abandoned. It could be said the same is true of a painting. It is always best to keep things simple and to allow the viewer to add their own information.

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January Paintings

I painted these four paintings in Olympia, Washington in response to the sun coming out in January after many rainy days of gray skies with no shadows. The winter colors awakened in the January sun and the beautiful shadows created interesting contrasts of dark and light. I wrote a haiku poem for each painting…

“January Delight”
20 x 24 framed
Soft Pastel on Uart Sanded Paper

The winter sun sets
Green and gold meadow grasses
Aglow with splendor


“The Sun Sets on Johnny Appleseed”
20 x 24 framed
Soft Pastel on Uart Sanded Paper

The sun is setting
On the old old apple tree
Hung with rotten fruit

“The Alders Dance in the Meadow”
20 x 24 framed
Soft Pastel on Uart Sanded Paper

Alders dance lightly
In the January sun
The forest applauds


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Spring 2015


Gaia Awakens
Pastel on Uart Sanded Paper
16x 20 framed and matted 20 x 24

I painted this scene in February after experiencing many days without sunshine and shadows. The dark tree shadows and the dancing light excited, delighted, and inspired me. I am thankful for the cycle of the seasons and the cycles of our days and of our lives. Like gears in a cosmic clock, they keep turning, turning, and taking us along for the ride.

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The Sacred Space of Painting

After three months of packing, moving, and renovating our new house, I am painting again. I love my studio and the fact that all my art supplies are organized, put away, and labeled. But best of all, I am painting again and I realize that painting is my way of connecting with the divinity within.

How wonderful that painting patiently waits for us to return. Art is a journey of discovery and slowly the truth is revealed. If we are willing to continue painting and to remain present, our subjects will teach us all we need to know. As Greg Biolchini said years ago in my first ever portrait class, “The model says nothing but teaches us everything.”

So great to be back in the sacred space of painting.

Happy Fall and Happy painting everyone!IMG_2447